Club 1515

Club 1515 Teen Center

1515 Pueblo Avenue, Napa, CA  94558 - (707) 255-8866 x111

Hours of Operation: Weekdays after school until 9:00 p.m. (12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. during the summer)

Teen Services Director: Michael Tillotson (707) 255-8866 x111

Area Director: Anya Elidi-Stubbs (707) 255-8866 x115

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Club Schedule

Information about Club 1515: 

Located in the Napa Clubhouse, Club 1515 was created to give high school students a place of their own, where they can spend time doing the things that they love. As a fully functional Teen Center , Club 1515 provides recreational activities, safe and supervised social opportunities and events, homework assistance and tutoring, leadership and volunteer opportunities, and much more…..just for teens!


Equipped with a Tech Station, Club 1515 serves as a perfect place for studying, homework, and online research, as well as learning graphic design and video editing skills. Need to print that essay that’s due tomorrow? No problem! Use Club 1515’s computers and printer. There is no charge to members for printing.

Does your teen need something to do on Friday nights? Send him or her over for our Friday Night Pizza & a Movie! Have a teen who is just interested in hanging out with friends? We have 2 pool tables, ping-pong, and Foosball, not to mention 2 HDTVs, and a Nintendo Wii with a variety of games (including DDR with arcade-style dance pads)! Club 1515 is also becoming known for our awesome teen dances and events. Active members of Club 1515 receive free admission to all special events hosted at our Teen Center , as well as have the opportunity to help plan and assist staff in running the events!

Club 1515 is truly the place to be for high school students, whether as a place to just hang with friends, do homework, or receive a little extra support.