☆ Napa Clubhouse

Napa Clubhouse

1515 Pueblo Avenue, Napa, CA  94558
(707) 255-8866
Hours of Operation: Weekdays after school until 7:00 p.m.
Program Director: Michael Tillotson (707) 255-8866 x114
Supervisor: Anya Elidi-Stubbs (707) 255-8866 x115
Sign your child up today to participate in fun and enriching activities at the Napa Clubhouse.  The annual membership fee is just $50, with additional monthly program fees.

Our Napa Clubhouse is our main location in the city of Napa, and all youth are eligible to attend here regardless of which school they attend.  Transportation isn't provided; parents will have to make arrangements on dropping off and picking up of all members.

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